Taking Flight on A Football Dream

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“Our vision is that within five years, we would have become a leading provider of excellent coaching – empowering young players and promoting autonomous coaching across a comprehensive range of schools in Zimbabwe.”

119th, this is the current FIFA world ranking for Zimbabwe’s football. Despite the poor ranking, Zimbabweans still hold a passion football. Furthermore, Lord Morris Kakunguwo has an even bigger dream for his beloved country.

Lord Morris was born in Mt Darwin, Zimbabwe in the 70s. He was passionate about football at a young age, regarding Diego Maradona and Moses Chunga as his idol. Growing up, Lord Morris used to play street football and later played as a midfielder in various school teams and social clubs. He was at some point offered to play for Dynamos by David George but by then had a knee injury. His passion continued as he started coaching his village social team Blue Pools as a player Manager in the 90s.

Upon migrating to United Kingdom in 2001, Lord Morris began coaching classes with English Football Association. Zimbabwe’s failure to qualify for World Cup 2014 inspired Lord Morris to establish a football academy in Harare -The Zimbabwe Football Development Academy-Centre of Football Excellence, adopting the La Masia Academy in Spain. Lord Morris has adopted struggling academies and set up several football centers in many school, villages, towns, and cities, attracting children to play football at an early age. His dream is to revive the dream team which was coached by Reinhard Fabisch and captained by Peter Ndlovu in 1998. This was the only team from Zimbabwe which almost qualified for World Cup 1998 in France, dominated by the Egyptians during that period.

“The performance of our coaches and our young players is our number one priority and caring means more than showing compassion to our young players and each other as individuals. It’s also about having a can-do attitude, stepping up and caring to be the best we can. Because we care, we give praise when it’s due.”

Lord Morris currently works as a Forensic Nurse in the NHS and spends his spare time recruiting coaches and players for his academy. He is the sole sponsor of the football empire business which is locally known as Football Farmers, recruiting children at a large scale.

Lord Morris has been labeled the Zimbabwe Football Philosopher among his social circles because of his dedication. He has inspired a generation of legends, ex-footballers and parents who love football. He currently has a Facebook page with more than 7000 followers who are passionate about Zimbabwe’s football development and revolution. His academy is a beacon of hope for children and has a clear vision and philosophy which address the current problems in Zimbabwe football. Lord Morris is currently working on football strategies from 2015 to 2020 alongside Spanish Soccer Schools Program for his academy. He would like his football network to be available to every child from 5 to 16 years, ready for the Warriors in AFCON 2017 and Qatar World Cup 2022.

Lord Morris is also a passionate entrepreneur and philanthropist. Apart from football, he intends to launch a series of businesses, such as Academy Clothing and Sportswear Ltd, Academy Music Group, Academy Village Travel & Tours Ltd, Academy Boxing Club, Academy Motors & Spares Ltd and Academy Estates and Properties Ltd. He says the sky is the limit as he wants to create jobs and promote Zimbabwe tourism by selling Zimbabwe mugs and football academy t-shirts. Lord Morris will soon be supporting orphans and children with HIV, covering school fees and healthcare bills as part of the academy policy of community development.
Zimbabwe’s football might be ranked lower level than other countries in Africa, but with grassroots movement, ambition, clear vision, persistence, and leading figures like Lord Morris Kakunguwo along with help from football enthusiasts, a rising football power isn’t beyond its reach.

“I believe that Zimbabwe one day will play football and beat every team in the world, win every corner, win every foul, win every tackle, win every challenge they face and finally win all the trophies from Africa Cup of Nations to the World Cup. “

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