PATRICK NGUWIPatrick E. Ngowi, 28 is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business at age 15. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Helvetic Group, which comprises numerous holding companies that operate in 3 countries. In 2005, Patrick received a loan of $1,800 to start his business selling Chinese mobile phones from his mother. After discovering that only a tiny fraction of Tanzanian’s had power, he set out to setup Helvetic Solar Contractors and later established Helvetic Group; growing his business from the loaned sum into a group of companies with revenues in millions of dollars; with network and equity in renewable energy firms operating in East Africa. Patrick has proof of his leadership, vision and business prowess by being awarded 1 st Place Winner of Top Mid-Sized Companies Award in Tanzania 2012 – 2013, Forbes 30 under 30 Best African Entrepreneurs, has been profiled by several publications and media outlets including The East African, Forbes, Start Young UK, MSN, CNBC, Africa Business Journal, Ventures Africa, and the BBC. He is a member of the East African Business Council, member of the CEO – Roundtable in Tanzania and Tanzania Private Sector Foundation and was a speaker on ‘Africa’s Young future’ at the African Global Business Forum 2013 invited by COMESA and Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He sits as board member with advisory role in various companies throughout Africa. The culmination of all his business achievements he the Light for Life Foundation, the non-profit social enterprise of Helvetic Group which focuses on providing free solar energy for women in rural parts of Tanzania. The Foundation works to create sustainable economic and business development opportunities for women by providing new power outlets. New business models are born in rural Tanzania through establishment of mobile phone charging points that bring about new income. He has set out to install 1,000 such solar systems as the initiative aimed at rural Tanzania. Patrick has received recognition nationally and internationally for his works.

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