IroFit builds a mobile card payment system that allows merchants to accept card payments without an internet connection. They provides a seamlessly integrated mobile platform for small businesses to accept card payments and organize growing operations: all with a mobile app and an EMV-certified card reader. It also provides support for small business management tools – sales analytics, accounting, inventory management, CRM, loyalty management, and payroll support. One of the company’s unique selling point is that the proprietary technology works even in areas with no Internet connection, uniquely positioning IroFit to serve merchants in fast-growing emerging markets Vc4Africa reports.


Founded in 2014 in Finland, IroFit has already won multiple awards for their innovative technology and service design. In addition to the funding round, IroFit simultaneously signed a major agreement with a leading financial institution, to be announced at a later date, which guarantees a hundred thousand payment devices will be available to the Nigerian market upon launch.

(Courtesy of :http://thebusinessaim.com.ng/nigeria-based-internet-free-mobile-payment-startup-irofit-raises-600k-in-seed-funding/)

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