Lying a few degrees south of the equator, in the Western Indian Ocean, Seychelles enjoys temperatures in the 24-32°C range and there is no dry season. April is generally the month with the warmest weather and a drop in wind speed. As the smallest African country, with a population of less than 100,000, Seychelles is never the less one of the most famous and desirable holiday destinations on the planet. We take a look at fashion on the island and find some surprising and interesting facts.

Most children are born outside of marriage so, as a society, it is matriarchal – with women running the households, controlling expenditure and looking after the interests of their children. Which is also going to colour the local fashions.

One of the more dramatic flags in the world, Seychelles’ national symbol represents the sky, sea, sun, people, land and harmony. The country’s fashion is just as dramatic and divergent.

Men wearing shorts and women wearing short skirts in the evening is generally frowned on. Aside form that, Seychelles fashion is a generous mixture – borrowing and blending from across the planet – with some of the most dramatic couture and original art affiliated with the Sega Dance.

Experts argue about the origins of the dance and the associated clothing, with influences coming from as far away as Brazil, but the focus is really on the Creole-speaking people from Mauritius, Seychelles and Madagascar.

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Moutya is another music-inspired fashion from the island, where floral patterns and costumes are routed in the dance.


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